POPE FRANCIS INDONESIA DOOM! Pope Sends Video Message To Indonesian Missionaries - Then This Happens - TSUNAMI WARING TRIGGERS PANIC + HUGE BLACKOUT HITS!

1 AUGUST 2019

Pope to Indonesia missionary congress: A Christian always walks forward

Pope Francis has sent a video message to the National Missionary Congress of Indonesia, which kicked off in the capital Jakarta on Thursday.

A Christian is a missionary who, urged forward by the Holy Spirit, lives his or her Baptism as yeast in society, spreading the message of Jesus.

This is the heart of a brief video message that Pope Francis sent to the participants a 3-day National Missionary Congress, organized by Indonesia’s Catholic Church.

"Baptized and Sent"

The August 1 to 4 conference, being held at the Mercure Convention Center, Ancol, in Jakarta, has as its theme, "Baptized and Sent".

Speaking in Italian, the Pope exhorts the Congress participants to reflect well on the theme. “When we are baptized, we receive the Holy Spirit, who is a treasure; we receive the message of Jesus, the Gospel within us,” the Pope says in the video message that was projected during the opening ceremony.

The Pope draws attention to the two words of the theme, “Baptized and Sent”. “When you have a beautiful thing and are enthusiastic about it,” he says, “you feel the impetus to share it and give it to others.” “Baptized and Sent”, he says, are the two things that must be the leitmotif of the Congress.


He asks how a Christian lives his or her Baptism, not only in personal life but also as “yeast, social leaven in society, to carry forward this message of Jesus.”

Walking forward – urged by the Spirit

The Argentine Pope reminds the congress participants that a Christian always walks forward. According to the Bible, he explains, “we are not people who go backwards”; “we are people who go forward, always.”

“When one goes back,” he stresses, “one is not a Christian.”

When a Christian goes forward, he points out, he or she is “sent”. "It is the Holy Spirit that impels me to go forward”.

“So, take courage, go forward, always forward: baptized and sent,” the Pope urges and asks them to pray to our Lady that she may protect them and help them forge ahead.

Pope Francis also asks the Congress participants to pray for him and concludes imparting his blessing on them. Source

2 AUGUST 2019

Indonesia's geophysics agency has lifted a tsunami warning after a strong earthquake earlier struck off the islands of Sumatra and Java.  The 6.9 magnitude quake struck offshore on Friday at a depth of 42 kilometres, some 150km from Labuan, southwest of the capital Jakarta, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).   Panicked residents fled their homes as the quake hit, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.  Images from affected areas showed the walls of buildings cracked by the force of the quake, with bricks and other debris strewn on the ground.  Source

3 AUGUST 3 2019

Indonesia blackout: Huge outage hits Jakarta and surrounding area

A huge power outage has hit the Indonesian capital Jakarta and surrounding cities, potentially affecting tens of millions of people. The failure began at about midday local time (0500 GMT) and it could take hours for power to be restored. Traffic lights switched off in some areas of Jakarta, worsening congestion in a city notorious for traffic. Passengers on the city's newly opened metro system were forced to evacuate with commuter trains also hit. "The train stopped all of a sudden, we had to wait for a long time," Ella Wasila, a metro passenger told AFP. "There were so many babies in the coach, they were crying, and people were shouting 'open the door'." Nearly 10 million people live in Jakarta, with a further 20 million living in the surrounding cities, Outages have also hit neighbouring provinces, home to tens of millions more. The international airport in Jakarta is unaffected while hospitals have been using generators, State power giant PLN has apologised and blamed a fault at a major power plant. Source