Rad Trad Founder Of Society of St. John Cantius (SSJC) Fr. C. Frank Phillips, C.R. Is A HOMOSEXUAL.....

Fr Z had this to say....

In the letter that was read aloud it was clear that allegations against Fr. Phillips have nothing to do with minors! According to my interlocutor, Fr. Phillips has not been accused of breaking any civil laws. Instead, the allegation concerns an improper relationship with an adult male....Phillips seems not to have broken any civil laws...I don’t believe the allegation. I just don’t.....Fr. Phillips has a right to a good name and reputation. ....Source

I thought it was only those priests who said the New Mass that were the Homos....

See what happens when you Rad Trads are forever labeling every New Mass saying priest a homo?

Actually I've been sicken by all Rad Trad blogs posts calling every Bishop, Priest and Cardinal a homo.

About time the Rad Trads get their ass kicked....

Notice how Fr Z is quick to dismiss the allegations and say that Fr. Philip didn't violate any civil law....LOL! Neither did any of those homo Churchmen in the Vatican that Rad Trads are forever complaining about...


  1. Remember when Pope Francis talked about "trad orders" suddenly falling into sexual scandals?

    Many Rad Mad Trads were "triggered" and outraged at the whole thing.

    Now the fun begins.

    Z is a bloody hypocrite: I'd like to see him talking about civil rights and "appropriate" homosexual relationships with adult males if this priest wasn't part of his little Mad Trad World. The Mad Trads should just drop the facade and admit that all of them are gay and that MILO is their patron Saint. =)

    Also note the comments from crybaby "VanSensei" on that Fr Z blog post. "VanSensei" has an interesting history: he has wavered from Catholic to Protestant to SSPX to Sede to (presumably) Fr. Z's cult, and has been banned from at least one online Catholic forum for his Sedevacantist trolling. He also has posted about a chronic masturbation problem (surprise, surprise!) on said forum. At this point, no punchline is necessary: these wankers speak for themselves....

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  3. ^ Hello there, Anonymous aka VanSensei aka whiny little effeminate sockpuppet from your 1 Millimeter Peter safe space. Your obsession with homosexual pornography is duly noted. Now go back to the bathroom where you belong.


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