Hipster Catholic Oakes Spalding Back From The Dead To Announce That Pope Francis Is NOT The Pope!



Milo Fan

Now claims that Pope Francis is NOT the Pope!

I don't think Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the Pope.  I used to until recently. I don't anymore.  By the way, as should be obvious by now, I don't care what anyone thinks of me for saying that. Nor do I have any patience with those who claim that while it may be true that he isn't the Pope, no Catholic has the right to pronounce on it, or say it, or it shouldn't be said publicly because it would cause confusion among the faithful, etc. Source


  1. Another guy figures it out.

  2. Rather, two onanistic idiots (the fag lover Spalding and the anonymous coward above) continue to expose themselves shamelessly.

    Put some clothes on. If you must sin shamefully against purity, at least do it in the privacy of your own homes.

    Masturbating idiots.....

  3. Your filthy words are a sin against purity.

    1. Effeminate men like you cannot understand virile invective in the tradition of St Jerome.

      And if we're talking about "filthy", what is filthier than defending heretical sodomites and cheering on their sins, as you and your buddy Spalding do? Read Romans 1: 18-32, which is a good description of you fake "trads".

  4. St Jerome did not talk the way you are.

    Talking filth doesn't make anyone a real man. Your parents should have taught you that when you were 13 years old.

  5. You obviously haven't read "Against Jovinian". That's your homework for Sunday.

    Also, your hypocrisy is stunning: your leader MILO is allowed to use the foulest language in the world, but no one else can use a colourful term even metaphorically? What a sad little bunch of effeminates you Mad Trads are: drooling at the sight of bad boys like MILO and potty-mouths like Mundabor, but wetting yourself like liberal girls on Tumblr when a real man calls you out. Are you going to cry "microaggression" next, or go back to your 1 Peter 5 "safe space"?

    Idiot trad snowflakes...


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