UPDATED! Growing List of Knuckleheads That Have Declared That Pope Francis Is NOT The Pope!

...you're not.....

Knuckleheads that have pronounced that Pope Francis is NOT the Pope:
  1. Fr. Kramer
  2. Fr. Gruner (RIP)
  3. Eric Gajewski   (TradCatKnight)
  4. Layman Louie (AKA Catholic)
  5. Ann Barnhardt
  6. Oakes Spalding (Mahound's  Paradise)
  7. Anonymous
  8. ........
Will add to the list.....


  1. Can you please add to this list:

    St Robert Bellarmine
    The 1917 Code of Canon Law
    Pope Puis IV
    All the Fathers of the Church

    1. LOL!

      Will do when both declare Pope Francis is NOT the Pope! LOL!

      I will however include you as #7!

  2. Oh and hey Anonymous Knucklehead are All these Fathers of the Church that you speak of.....

    Are they the very same Church Fathers who said that the visible ruling presence of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor HINDERS the manifestation of the ANTICHRIST?

    Yeah...thought as much.....you Knucklehead......

  3. You can add Pope Michael, the entire Palmarian Church, the buffoon Thomas Droletsky, the race-baiting fake monk "Brother Aurelius" (aka Ra Ra Rasputin!), the sexual pervert Richard Ibranyi, the idiot "apologist" Gerry Matatics....quite a rogue's gallery. 😊

  4. Anonymous, please stop or you'll go blind. Stick to fantasising about anime girls on your Pepe the Frog chan sites.

    Also, learn to spell: Pius, not "Puis" or "Pus" or "Piss" or whatever demonic spellings you chucklehead "trads" come up with.

    Masturbating idiot...

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    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. "Anonymous" (aka Altar Boi aka VanSensei aka Steve Skojec) continues to show his utter depravity and the cavernous depths of his pornified mind.....Saint Maria Goretti, please pray for this idiot.


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