RE-POST: Pope Francis A Cocaine Addict? That Would Explain A Few Things! Argentinian Shipment of Cocaine Headed For Vatican City Intercepted By Authorities!

Where's My Coke?

A cocaine shipment bound for the Vatican has been seized by German law enforcement. Customs officers at Leipzig Airport found 340 grams of the Class A drug, valued at €40,000 (£33,470), stuffed into 14 condoms and hidden in a shipment of cushions coming from an unnamed South American country. The package was addressed simply to the Vatican's postal office, meaning any of the Catholic mini-state's 800 residents could have picked it up.A sting operation arranged with Vatican Police did not manage to lure in a possible recipient for the drugs. The bust was made in January but has just been revealed today by German newspaper, Bild am Sonntag. The investigation has been taken over by Interpol's Vatican office.The Vatican declined to comment on the incident and Interpol could not be reached. Interpol has five officers based in the world's smallest independent state and they are considered part of the Vatican City State Gendarmerie, the official police force, which has 130 staff in total. The specific roles of the Interpol officers are to target organised crime and any incidents which could impact international security. The Vatican's legal system is largely based on Italy's and, given that the city state has only one judge and no prisons, it often lets Italian courts administer justice when it is required. However, in 2007, the Vatican handed down its first ever drugs conviction when an employee of the Holy See was found in possession of a small amount of cocaine and was given a four month suspended sentence. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Originally Published 23 March 2014