Re-Post: Cardinal Sodano: The Last Pontiffs Promoted The World Order! The New World Order? Or The Old World Order?

Cardinal Sodano

“che gli ultimi pontifici sono stati artefici di tante iniziative di benefiche, verso i singoli, verso i popoli, verso la communita internazionale, promovendo la pace, la giustizia, l’ordine mondiale…”

“the last pontiffs have been artificers of very many beneficial initiatives, toward individuals, toward peoples, toward the international community, promoting peace, justice, the world order.” Cardinal Sodano

Homily of the Mass pro eligendo Romano Pontifice - by the Dean of the College of Cardinals here

"the world order" was not in the official transcript. The Cardinal said it, and  everyone heard it, but it was not included in the official transcript.

Here is the official transcript:

In the wake of this service of love toward the Church and towards all of humanity, the last popes have been builders of so many good initiatives for people and for the international community, tirelessly promoting justice and peace. Let us pray that the future Pope may continue this unceasing work on the world level.


Cryptic language? Pope Benedict used cryptic language in paragraph 67 when saying that there is a urgent need for a true world authority.

What does Benedict mean by true world political authority?

What does Cardinal Sodano mean by world order?

Are these two phrases the same?

Why be cryptic about the United Nations or the new world order if that is what Benedict and Sodano mean?

Or do both men hint at a Universal Political Authority other than the new world order or United Nations?

If another world order - what is it?

Why the cryptic language?

Originally Published on the day Pope Francis manifested himself to the world 13 March 2013