Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s Full Blown Paranoia:"You Want To Oust Me? You Want To Use The CIA? Go Ahead,"

Bald Headed CIA Guy 
(Still In Caracas.....I'll Move My Twitter Operation To Davao City, Soon Enough)

Rodrigo still has very bad memories of what went down in Davao City over 15 years ago.....

Mysterious Blast in Philippines Fuels Rodrigo Duterte’s ‘Hatred’ of U.S.  

MANILA — For more than a decade, a mysterious explosion at the Evergreen Hotel in Davao City has been a footnote in the long, checkered history between the Philippines and its former colonial master, the United States. But among those who never let it go was the city’s mayor, Rodrigo Duterte — who is now poised to become the Philippines’ new president. In an interview last year before he announced his candidacy, Mr. Duterte went so far as to acknowledge “hatred” for the United States stemming from the obscure episode, when an American named Michael Terrence Meiring was charged with possession of explosives but managed to flee the Philippines. Mr. Meiring called himself a treasure hunter and joked about being with the C.I.A., meaning “Christ in Action.” He told the hotel staff not to touch a metal box in his room, apparently with good reason. On May 16, 2002, the box exploded, mangling his legs and damaging the hotel. But three days later, despite severe injuries and the charges against him, Mr. Meiring vanished from his hospital room. Philippine officials later said that men waving F.B.I. badges had taken him in the dark of night and flown him out of the country without their permission. NY TIMES Read More>>>>>

Now Rodrigo is reading sites that he shouldn't, he is not in a state of grace because he left the Church and the Sacraments a very long time ago, and Rodrigo is very susceptible to suggestion, even from the most ridiculous sources.....

Here is how the tortured mind of Duterte manifests itself to the world:

Philippines' Duterte dares CIA to 'oust' him

DAVAO, Philippines: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday (Oct 7) dared the United States' CIA spy agency to try and oust him, as he branded Western critics of his deadly crime war "animals" and vowed many more killings. In two fiery speeches to mark his 100 days in office, Duterte repeatedly raised the prospect of local or foreign opponents seeking to remove him from power in an effort to stop the violence. But he insisted he would not be intimidated and that his campaign against drugs, in which an average of more than 33 people a day are being killed, would not end. "You want to oust me? You want to use the CIA? Go ahead," Duterte said in a speech in his southern home town of Davao city, referring to the Central Intelligence Agency, while railing against US President Barack Obama and other critics. Last month Duterte accused the CIA of plotting to kill him, but gave no specifics. Source  

Stay away from hot American Catholic chicks......