Quamdiu stabit Colyseus stabit et Roma.
Quamdiu cadet Colyseus cadet et Roma.
Quamdiu cadet Roma cadet et mundus.

"As long as the Colosseum stands, Rome will stand.
When the Colosseum collapses, Rome will collapse.
When Rome collapses, the world will collapse."
Prophecy by the Venerable Bede, 700 AD ca.

Ancient Colosseum meets a violent end,
As it lived in Roman times of yore.
Three strong tremblers will send,
Arches and stones upon the ground shall pour.

A religious revolt in the heart of Christendom: Thousands of Muslims protest outside the iconic Colosseum in Rome after small mosques are shut down by the authorities to avoid youngsters becoming radicalized

Thousands of Muslims gathered outside Rome's Colosseum to protest the closure of mosques and other places of worship in the Italian capital. The group gathered outside the iconic ancient Roman building to pray as they promoted their right of freedom to worship during the peaceful march yesterday. An imam led the group in chants of 'Allah Akbar' which means 'God is great,' as they kneeled to the ground facing the Colosseum. The protest was organized by a Bangladeshi group, Dhuumcatu, which has complained that smaller or more informal mosques in Rome have been branded illegal by authorities for building violations. At least 1.6 million Muslims live in the country but there are only a handful of mosques officially registered with the Italian government. Most worship takes place in houses and Islamic cultural centres. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>



  1. This is God's punishment on the people of Europe. They have abandoned their churches. The churches in Europe are so deserted that they're closed part of the day, and when they're open its only to allow tourists to view the art inside. No one prays in those buildings anymore. So now they are being invaded by barbarians who pray so much that they will actually take to the streets to protest when their temples are closed.


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