MUSLIMS Decapitate Baby Jesus & Hideous Head Replaced By JEW: Ste. Anne des Pins, Sudbury, Canada

MUSLIMS Decapitate Child Jesus
Muslims and Jews having a little fun by mocking the Catholic Faith........

'Shocking' restoration of decapitated baby Jesus statue sparks ridicule
An artist’s ‘shocking’ attempt at restoring a vandalised baby Jesus statue has sparked ridicule and left Canadian churchgoers stunned.  Heather Wise volunteered to fix the statue when she noticed the head of baby Jesus had been knocked off the white stone statue at St. Anne des Pins church in Sudbury, northern Ontario.The artist told she was ‘sad’ about the apparent act of vandalism and got permission from Father Gerard Lajeunesse, who works at the church, to create a replacement head from clay.Father Lajeunesse told CBC News the terracotta replacement had left many of his parishioners disappointed and surprised.“It really is shocking to the eyes because of the big contrast in colour,” he told CBC’s Marina von Stackelberg. Telegraph Read More>>>>>>
Mocking The Catholic Faith
As Only A JEW Can Do!

Jew Heather Wise


  1. That head looks demonic. Sick blasphemy.

  2. This has got to be photoshopped and untrue. Say it isn't so plz.

    1. well-meaning artist’s restoration of a baby Jesus statue in Canada.


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