Good Morning Everybody! We Have TWO POPES And ONE HEAD On A STICK Roaming The Streets Of Sacramento! Signed Mélanie

Head On A Stick

Must be a sign of some sort.....

Homeless California woman carrying human skull on stick leads cops to dead body 

Halloween might be around the corner, but this costume is too real — much too real. Cops in Sacramento, Calif. launched an investigation after a woman with a human skull perched on a stick led them to a dead body Wednesday afternoon. Patrolling officers spotted the woman, who is homeless, as she walked down a street in the northern part of the city at some point before 2 p.m. They confronted the woman in front of an abandoned house, and quickly realized that the skull on top of the stick she carried was a severed human head, Sacramento police Sgt. Bryce Heinlein told KTXL. NY Daily News Read More>>>>>>