Real Reason Why Papal Apartment Remain Empty? ITS HAUNTED! Pope Francis & Several Exorcists Unable To Exorcise Demons From Papal Apartment!

OK what's the real reason why Pope Francis lives in a luxurious Hotel and not in the small Papal Apartment?


Really? everyone knows by now or at least should know that Pope Francis is not a humble man - for if he were, he would bow his neck to the sweet yoke of Jesus Christ Crucified and preach good and holy doctrine and not the wicked nonsense he spews forth daily. The man is not Humble.

So why not stay in the Papal Apartments?

JPII died there. 

Because of the strange events that are taking place in the Papal Apartments - its haunted. Haunted by the ghost of Pope John Paul II and a legion of demons. Not necessarily the actual Ghost of JPII but at least the demons that possessed the pope when he was alive. Those demons were not cast out and remain there in the papal apartment. 

Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz was present at the death of the pontiff, and the Cardinal said only good things about the last moments of JPII.  There is no word of anything contrary to a peaceful death of JPII. The only indication that an exorcism was performed on the Pope was the reading from the Gospel of John - the first nine chapters. 

Now for a man who cause so much harm and destruction to the body of Christ you would think that he would be punished at the moment of his death - the assault of demons as punishment would manifest itself in the writhing and contorting of the body and facial features of a man about to be sent to the eternal fires. But according to Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz none of this happened.

But is Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz to be believed?

This is the same Cardinal who promoted the rise of  the priest Marcial Maciel Degollado - a wicked man if ever there was one. Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz defended Marcial Maciel Degollado and his wicked apostate - the Legion of Christ.

Funny how I always have in the back of my mind this passage from Scripture when the Legion of Christ in mentioned
My name is Legion, for we are many..... 
Legion; because many devils were entered into him.....
Maybe  Marcial Maciel Degollado was forced by Divine Providence to call his wicked work the LEGION of Christ to help give ample warning to the few faithful, about the insidious group of men who made up the army of Marcial Maciel Degollado. In hind sight I think this is true.

So back to Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz - why believe the veracity of a man who defended the wicked work of a demonic pervert? Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz is not to be believed - not when it comes to the Legion of Christ and not when it comes to the death of Pope John Paul II.

So some horrible event took place at the death of Pope John Paul II and the remnants of that terrible day still remain in the Papal Apartment. And this is the reason why Pope Francis refuses to stay in the Papal Apartments - Now maybe exorcists have

Who has access to the Papal Apartment? 

Who has access to the Papal Apartment? No one except the demons who now are permanent residents.

Interesting events involving two men who had access to the papal apartments have now been fired by Pope Francis

December 2014 Daniel Anrig head of Swiss Guard - FIRED

July 2015 Dr. Patrizio Polisca personal Physician to the Pope - FIRED

Do these two men know something of the haunted Papal Apartment? Their replacements have never set foot int the papal apartment and Pope Francis aims to keep it that way.

Now the place is empty....sort of empty.......


  1. What evidence do you have that the papal apartments are haunted? The fact they are locked does not prove they are haunted.

    1. What evidence do you have that Pope Francis is humble? The fact that the media says Francis is humble does not prove that he is humble.....its haunted and is need of exorcism

    2. On the evening of his election one of the first messages of the world's media was that Pope Francis was humble. I instantly doubted the veracity of this, and the last few years have been nothing short of a disaster for the Church because of the papacy of Francis. I don't doubt the possibility of what you claim regarding the papal apartments, I'm just looking for evidence.

  2. Evidence is for the asking...ask Pope Francis if the papal apartments are haunted...see his reaction...Its not like the Italian media is afraid to speak of such matters....go ahead do some digging ask around see the reactions......


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