Evil Portent & Repercussions Still Felt In Morocco Four Months After Gay Mo Rocca Opens Mass For Pope Francis: 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Several Cities in Morocco

Good Morning Moroccans!
I Am The French President!

Who says evil portents and evil omens don't work? Like clock work Morocco still feels the after shocks of Mo Rocca opening the Mass for Pope Francis four months ago to the day:

25 September 2015
Mo Rocca's Starring Role In Pope's Mass Thrills LGBT Advocates  
Activists hailed the symbolism of the openly gay reporter's participation while calling for more systemic change in the church. Mo Rocca, an openly gay TV reporter and comic, played a starring role in Pope Francis’ Mass in New York City's Madison Square Garden Friday night, delighting LGBT rights advocates long critical of the Catholic Church's opposition to homosexuality. Rocca, a reporter for CBS Sunday Morning and former correspondent on The Daily Show, delivered the first, or Lector, Bible reading at the New York City Mass in Spanish. Rocca’s mother is Colombian. Huffington Post Read More>>>>>>>>>

25 January 2016

6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Several Cities in Morocco and Spain 
New York – An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 degrees on the Richter scale, was recorded in the early hours of Monday off Nador and Al Hoceima in northern Morocco, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The quake was also felt in southern Spain and in the Strait of Gibraltar. According to the same source, the tremor was also felt in the Spanish enclave of Melilla in Moroccan territory, causing electrical cuts and structural damage. The European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) issued a map showing the cities where the tremor was felt. According to the same source, the quake occurred on Monday at 5:03 am local time (GMT). The same source said that five earthquakes have been felt along the Strait of Gibraltar in the last two hours. Morocco World News Read More>>>>>


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  2. "Who says evil portents and evil omens don't work?"

    They seem to work only in hindsight...

    Seriously, God doesn't speak to us in omens and portents. I don't know where you got this strange and superstitious idea. If you want to dispute this, then tell me what the portents tell you will be the next catastrophe — when, what and where?

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  5. I don't understand what you people have against Chesterton. He was one of the greatest English-speaking apologists for the Faith in recent centuries. He was a hero.

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  7. Hmm. Okay. I guess I should have tried asking Chesterton's apologetics to stop drinking or smoking. (?)

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  9. I agree that in the 21st century he sounds a bit hedonistic, but you have to understand the times in which he lived. He lived when protestant Puritans were trying to force Prohibition down everyone's throat, and even succeeded in the United States for over a decade. They were trying to make people think it was sinful to have a good time, which resulted in people enjoying themselves and believing they were sinning while doing so. This was the evil that Chesterton was trying to oppose.

    As far as his weight and usage of substances goes, I don't think we really know enough to judge him on that. Yes, he was a large, fat man. But so was St. Thomas Aquinas. Being of large physique is not a sin. And just because he writes frequently of alcohol and tobacco doesn't mean he used them in excess. In fact, if you read accounts of him by people close to him, they all say he was very moderate in his appetite.

    I don't believe he should be canonized, as many trads do, but I think your criticism of him is overly harsh, especially when you consider the great good that he accomplished and the different circumstances in which he lived.


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