Evil Portent! Private Jet Carrying Pope Francis' Buddies Takes A Nose Dive In Mud & Pope Francis Cuts His Trip Short!

A plane full of senior Philippine officials who were part of Pope Francis's entourage to the island veered off the runway as it prepared for take-off as storms lashed the region. The jet carrying 11 people was due to leave Tacloban airport just minutes after the Pope's plane left for Manila when its front tyres blew and overshot the track. No one was hurt but authorities closed the airport as tropical storm Mekkhala hit the region, with wind gusts of up to 80mph.However, the storm has already claimed one life after a 27-year-old volunteer was killed when a scaffolding holding huge speakers was blown over by the wind, Leyte health officials said. Kristel Padasas was volunteering with charity Catholic Relief Services at a mass officiated by the Pope near the airport today when the accident happened. The city of Tacloban, which was one of the worst affected areas by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, welcomed the leader of the Catholic Church this morning. At least 6,300 people were killed, a million were left homeless and four million were displaced after the devastating storm struck 14 months ago. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>