Pope Francis Sacks Daniel Anrig Head Of His Swiss Guard Over Six Official Seals That Were Broken At Apostolic Chamber During The 2013 Conclave!!!

Pope sacks the head of his Swiss Guard for being 'too strict'

The Event During The 2013 Conclave:

These same officers [Mr. Christoph Graf, Deputy Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, and Major William Kloter], having already been informed that, by order of the Most Eminent Cardinal Chamberlain, the Vice Chamberlain will proceed to the removal of the seals previously placed on the entrances of the Papal Apartment, except for the main front door of the Apartment and the door leading to the "noble" elevator, accompany those present to the designated locations.

I, Clerk of the Apostolic Chamber, certify the integrity of the seals on the main front door wrought in iron and glass and on the door at the right of the main door of the Papal Apartment, and proceed with their removal.

Having completed this first task, the Most Excellent Vice Chamberlain, accompanied by the above-mentioned persons, goes to the second Loggia of the Apostolic Palace for the removal of the other seals placed on the entrances listed below:

1. Upper gate for access to the spiral staircase in the Loggia;
2. Access door to the Holy Father’s private elevator from the spiral staircase of the antechamber into the Loggia;
3. Grey wooden door that leads from the St. Ambrogio Room to the secretaries' offices;
4. Big wooden door facing East in the St. Ambrogio Room;
5. Door that leads from the Clementine Hall to the private library;
6. Small door that leads from the Clementine Hall to the corridor behind the "noble" elevator;
7. Access to the Holy Father’s private elevator from the Courtyard of Sixtus V.

The Most Excellent Vice Chamberlain and those present certify that all the entrances listed, with the exception of the one referred to in no. 1, had had their previously-placed seals removed. About this Major Kloter declares that in his round of inspection carried out at 4:30 pm yesterday, March 13th, all seals previously affixed to the entrances of the Apostolic Chamber were still intact and showed no tampering. I, Clerk of the Apostolic Chamber, taking into account what was declared by Major Kloter, proceed, after having certified its integrity, to the removal of the only seal still remaining, namely the one on the upper gate for access to the spiral staircase.

Mr. Graf then informs the Vice Chamberlain that, following the announcement of the election of His Holiness Pope Francis, at 8:00 pm of March 13th, the Most Excellent Mgr. Substitute Secretary of State has ordered that all entrances to the rooms of the Vatican Apostolic Palace reserved for the Conclave should be reopened....

("Reseratio Conclavis", Acta Apostolicae Sedis 105 (2013): 4-5, pp. 367-368.)