Heretic Mike Voris & Freddy Krueger Arrives In Rome To Cover SECRET Closed Door Synod & Voris Is Wearing Nothing But A Wife Beater & Boxers!!!!

When In Rome........
(Is That Freddy Krueger???)

Mr. Mike Voris finally set foot in Rome to cover a closed door synod. How much information will Voris get? NONE! It's a closed door synod - everything is done in SECRET! See story here>>>

But can you blame Voris for taking a trip to Rome when all expenses are covered by a SECRET benefactor?

And why did Mike Voris bring Freddy Krueger with him? Why would Freddy Krueger be attending the Synod on the family? I didn't think Freddy Krueger was much of  family man.....


  1. You mean the guy wearing the fedora? I thought he was Indiana Jones. This changes everything.


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