At The Secretive Closed Door Synod On The Family There Will Be 191 Speakers: 61 Cardinals, 1 Cardinal Patriarch, 7 Patriarchs, 1 Major Archbishop, 67 Metropolitan Archbishops, 47 Bishops, 1 Auxiliary Bishop, 1 Priest & 6 Religious.

At the secretive Synod on the Family there will be 191 speakers with only four minutes each to make their remarks. The list of speakers includes 61 cardinals, one cardinal patriarch, 7 patriarchs, one major archbishop, 67 metropolitan archbishops, 47 bishops, one auxiliary bishop, 1 priest and 6 religious.

There were several complaints from journalists about the new rule, which many said demonstrates a lack of transparency. Frustrated by repeated pointed questions about the matter, Cardinal Baldisseri replied to another reporter who pushed on the matter, “You should come up here if you know everything, maybe you should be a Synod Father.” Lifesite News Read More>>>>