Oh No...Mr. Michael Matt Wants To Form Another Coalition Made Up WIth Rad Trads And Evangelicals..."Unite The Christian Clans"


What happened to  Mr. Matt's Unite the Klans?

Matt moved on and now wants to create a new coalition made up with Rad Trad Laymen and Protestant Laymen.

Matt calls Protestants, Christians and he gives the impression that he thinks Protestants are equal to Roman Catholics. Because they are "Christians"

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Matt didn't explain how this was going to happen.

Its called Temporal Ecumenism.

Apparently when the Clergy engage in Religious Ecumenism with Protestant Clergy - its wrong. 

But when Rad Trads Laymen engage in Political Ecumenism with Protestant Laymen - its OK.(but aren't all Protestant Clergy considered Laymen? So according to Matt its forbidden for Catholic Clergy to engage in Ecumenism with Protestant Laymen but its OK for Catholic Laymen to engage in Ecumenism with Protestant Laymen)....Do you follow?

Matt new slogan for his new movement Catholic/Protestant Coalition: United by the Cross?

He goes on to say "Unite The Christian Clans"

Are you nuts?

I guess Mattt didn't learn anything from the storming of the Capitol by crazy Evangelicals....