UPDATE: MUSLIM VEHICLE RAMMING ATTACK For RAMadan! MUSLIM Convert Isaiah Peoples RAMS Car Into Sunny Vale Pedestrians

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Police: Driver in California intentionally ran over pedestrians, injuring 8 people 

SUNNYVALE, California – A driver hit a group of pedestrians on a sidewalk in Northern California, leaving eight people injured in what appears to be an “intentional act,” authorities said. The incident happened Tuesday evening in Sunnyvale. Police were called to the scene about 6:40 p.m., said Capt. Jim Choi of the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety. The preliminary investigation shows the pedestrians were on the sidewalk when the black sedan drove into them, he said, describing the accident as an “intentional act.” Witnesses told police there were no signs the car attempted to slow down and there was no evidence of braking at the scene, he said. The car eventually crashed into a tree. All eight patients are at a local hospital, with several suffering from serious injuries, he said. The youngest victim is 13. It’s unclear if the driver knew any of them. The male driver is in custody and the incident is believed to be isolated, Choi said. Police have not identified the driver or the victims. Sunnyvale is about 40 miles from San Francisco. Source

Isaiah Peoples is the man accused of intentionally plowing his car into a group of people in Sunnyvale, California, on April 23. Sunnyvale is located just to the west of San Jose, close to Silicon Valley. Authorities have said that they are recommending that Peoples face eight counts of attempted murder. In a statement, Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Captain Jim Choi said that investigators believe that Peoples, 34, intentionally drove into a group of people, injuring eight of them on El Camino Real at rush hour. Peoples was confirmed as a suspect in the case in a press release from the SDPS. Source


  1. It's actually the other way around. The suspect is Christian terrorist that terrorized Muslims. He is an army veteran that was headed to Bible study. His name is a non-Muslim name and he targeted and ran over Muslims. He is a religious Christian and never converted to Islam. Get your source right. This article is repulsive and fine example of hate towards Muslims by twisting the facts and a fine example of Islamophobia as well. He was praising Jesus after his arrest. Just because Christianity had the KKK and hated people of color, terrorized and killed them, doesn't mean that most Christians are terrorists. Get over the stereotyping.

    Your own source in bold at the bottom of the article says he was a Christian:

    Here is another source:

    Here is a search result in google showing the opposite of what you say that he was a Christian and attached Muslims:

    Get over your hate.

    1. oh and many will MUSLIMS murder during RAMADAN?

      1. 100
      2. 1000
      3. 10000
      4. 100000......

      how many?

      Please came back to this post for an answer at the end of RAMADAN....

      And thanks for the sources....but I have my own......

  2. Oh yeah to clarify...

    Where does Isaiah Peoples attend the Holy Sacifice of the Mass?

    Oh...he doesn't.....

    That means that Isaiah Peoples is not a Christian...

    Isaiah Peoples is no different than the MUSLIMS who have NO Priest NO Sacrifice and NO Religion.

    1. You are so darn stupid. Christians DO NOT attend the Holy Sacrifce of the Mass. That is not in the Holy Bible and therefore does not exist. You will not find one person who is a follower of Jesus Christ who attend this Holy Sacrifice stuff you mention. Stay out of grown peoples business and take your satanic belief with you. Stupidity.

    2. Hey Veggie you do know that you belong to a religion that was founded by Apostate Catholic Priests who at one time said the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass...these Apostate Priests gave that up so that they could marry women! LOL! The founders of your religion are nothing but a bunch of perverts! You belong to a religion that does not offer a holy sacrifice to God.

  3. Y’all should be ashamed for posting complete lies to the public.


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