SODOMITE APOSTATE GREIN On McCarrick's Laicization - Full Statement

Grein Is The SODOMITE On The Right

It’s is time for us to cleanse the church. James Grein

Statement of James Grein

(Sexual abuse victim of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick)

For years I have suffered, as many others have, at the hands of Theodore McCarrick. It is with profound sadness that I have had to participate in the canonical trial of my abuser. Nothing can give me back my childhood and I have not taken any pleasure in testifying or discussing what happened to me. There are no winners here. With that said, Today I am happy that the Pope believed me. I am hopeful now I can pass through my anger for the last time. I hope that Cardinal McCarrick will no longer be able to use the power of Jesus’ Church to manipulate families and sexually abuse children.

This great historical and holy situation is giving rise to all Catholics and victims of abuse across the world. It’s is time for us to cleanse the church. Our Lady’s work is in process.

McCarrick has haunted the church for the last 50 years. A church which has been cut off from Jesus. Run by men who have chosen to worship money, power, greed. The exact opposite of God’s Holy Teaching.

This has to change. It’s Jesus’ Church – I want to return.

I must thank my family for without their belief and guidance I would be somewhere else. I must thank my lawyer Patrick Noaker for helping me through the legal world. I must thank the important journalists who have listened to me and believed me.

We must continue to pressure state AG’s and senators to open the statutes of limitations. It’s these SOLs that has kept all of the abuse hidden from us. Hundreds of priests, bishops and cardinals are hiding behind man made law. It is Time that we opened the books and expose the pure evil of these men.

Again, it is Jesus’ Church – I want to return.

Stand Up For Jesus and walk with me

James Grein
Jesus is my savior