Gary & Milo Sodomy Corner: How To Bully Pope Francis

Rad Trads are OK with Lay Sodomy- especially if the Lay Sodomites attend Latin Mass and have a full head of hair.

I have always said that it will be RAD TRADS who will join the Nationalist Army of the Forerunner to the Antichrist so that they can MURDER the Fatima Pope and Faithful on top a steep Mountain some day.

Here is further proof from two Lay Sodomites that RAD TRADS are planning on one day Murdering the Fatima Pope and Faithful.

This is what these Sodomites fantasize about when it comes to Pope Francis:

Cutting off Pope's Finances
Ruining the Pope's Public Reputation
To Manipulate and bullying the Pope into doing the Right Thing

See the whole Video: