THE LEGEND of St Patrick tells us that the patron Saint of Ireland once chased all of the snakes into the sea after they began attacking him during a 40-day fast. We could certainly do with his help now, after a 1.5m-long reptile was spotted by the coast guard over in County Cork. The animal, thought to be a turtle-headed sea snake, was spotted by a member of the Youghal Coast Guard near a boardwalk close to the beach. It was removed by the Irish Coast Guard who have urged members of the public to contact them if they see anyone in trouble in or close to the sea. The Irish Coast Guard wrote on Twitter: "A slippery start to 2019 for the Irish Coast Guard team in Youghal with the discovery of a sea snake. "The national Coast Guard control centre was informed, due to the unavailability of St. Patrick Cork County Council was requested. "Time well serpent by the team... "If you see someone (human or reptile) in trouble, on the Coast, Cliffs, Beach or Water, don’t hesitate dial 112 and ask for Coast Guard." Source