Apostate Duterte: There’s Only One God, Period. You Cannot Divide God Into 3, That’s Silly

 The Black Nazarene

You’re already praying at one God, then you’re going to pray at these cursed saints. There’s only one God. There’s only one God, period. You cannot divide God into 3, that’s silly,” said the President. Before attacking the Holy Trinity doctrine, Duterte said Jesus Christ is “unimpressive” because he had allowed himself to be nailed on the cross, if he is God and is condemned to be crucified, he would summon lightning to burn all heretics. Duterte

I will destroy the Church and the present status of so many priests and what they are doing. You priests, bishops, you condemn me and suggest I withdraw, but then I will start to open my mouth. There are so many secrets that we kept as children. Do not force (me to speak) because this religion is not so sacred. Duterte