LAY EX-MUSLIM Sitting In Judgement On Cardinals? Better Church Governance......WHAT?

Not only do we have crazy Lay Woman Converts sitting in judgment on the Clergy - but now  have Lay Ex- Muslims sitting in judgement on Cardinals.

NEVER in the 2000 year history of the Church has there EVER been a Lay organization that kept tabs on Cardinals!

The Catholic Laity have gone insane.

A new watchdog, Better Church Governance, plans to produce a dossier on all the cardinal electors US lay people are launching a new initiative to assess cardinals’ records on combatting abuse and corruption. Better Church Governance has signed up former FBI agents as investigators, led by Phil Scala, a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent. Academics, lawyers and editors will help to draw up a dossier, “The Red Hat Report”, which will cover all cardinals able to vote in the next papal conclave – that is, those under the age of 80. It aims to increase transparency and honesty in Church governance, to “empower members of the Church to courageously stand up for the truth”, and to help the cardinals themselves. Better Church Governance (BCG) say in a briefing document: “Cardinals have commented that accurately knowing the backgrounds of the other cardinal electors is the most precarious part of each conclave. Our mission is to change this.” Source