RAD TRAD TERRORISTS Spray-Painted Over Cardinal Wuerl’s Name On North Catholic H.S. Sign

Rad Trads Nationalists have spray painted over Cardinal Wuerl’s Name On North Catholic H.S. Sign

Cardinal Wuerl’s Name Spray-Painted Over On North Catholic H.S. Sign 

SEVEN FIELDS (KDKA) – Cardinal Donald Wuerl has come under fire in the wake of a scathing grand jury report regarding sexual abuse in Pennsylvania dioceses. Last week, thousands of people signed an online petition which was calling for his name to be removed from Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School. The Pittsburgh diocese has not said if it might consider changing the name. On Monday, someone apparently spray-painted over his name on the sign outside of the school. Last week, Attorney General Josh Shapiro accused Cardinal Wuerl of protecting child predators. “Child rape is rape, whether it occurred in the 1980s, ‘90s, or 2018,” said Shapiro. “It is never acceptable, and it is never okay to cover it up as Bishop [David] Zubik did and as Cardinal Wuerl did.” Wuerl presided over 32 accused priests during his 18 years leading the Pittsburgh diocese. Source