DOOM! MUSLIMS POISONED Notre Dame's Holy Water Fonts......

Notre Dame holy water 'poisons tourists' with worshippers at the Paris cathedral complaining of 'tingling faces' and headaches

Mystery surrounds how worshippers ended up with 'tingling faces' and headaches after signing themselves with holy water at Notre Dame in Paris. A number of Catholic tourists were taken ill after attending a service at the famous cathedral in the French capital over the weekend. One concerned priest told local media that holy water at the entrance to the landmark 'smelled especially bad'. There was also speculation that the incident was the result of an act of malice and that the water had been poisoned. But in the end police in the 4th arrondissement of the city could not determine why people had been affected and concluded that there was no risk to the public. According to Le Parisien, tourists complained of tingling and headaches after signing themselves. Cathedral officials emptied the stone basins 'for safety' and bleached them before filling them back up with fresh water. Local mayor, Ariel Weil, said: 'If it is a desecration, we will seize the subject with the greatest gravity. 'We will go to the end of this case.' Source