Pope Francis Novena DOOM! New Cardinal For Osaka Japan...Nine Days Later Japan FLOODS Kill Over 40!

Newly created Cardinal Archbishop Thomas Aquinas Manyo of Osaka (Japan) comes home to this.....

Heavy rain and widespread flooding in Japan leave 38 dead and dozens missing

Torrents of rainfall and flooding battered a widespread area in southwestern Japan on Saturday, with local media casualty reports climbing quickly. Public broadcaster NHK said 38 people were dead, four were injured seriously and 47 were missing. Television footage showed a residential area in Okayama prefecture steeped in brown water spreading like a huge lake. Some people fled to rooftops and balconies and waved furiously at hovering rescue helicopters. Okayama prefecture said a man caught in a landslide died, and six others were missing. Evacuation orders had been issued to more than 360,000 people, the prefecture said in a statement. Throughout the affected areas, parked cars sat in pools of water. NHK TV said water had reached as high as 16 feet in the worst-hit areas.  Source


  1. It's not just Pope Francis who jinxes people and places with his actions. Pope Pius IX elevated Archbishop John McCloskey of New York as the first American to the College of Cardinals on 15 March 1875, and only 469 days later General Custer and his men perished at the Battle of Little Bit Horn.

    1. If you set aside modern ideologies and assumptions, there is actually a lot in common between Blessed Plus IX and Pope Francis.

    2. Both are Popes

      One did the Will of Our Lord...the other does not do the will of Our Lord


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