Proof That Sacrilegious Communion Is Punished: Let The Horrible & Bad Deaths Begin In Paderborn Germany Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker Allows For Inter-Communion.....

Of course none of you believe that Sacrilegious Communion Is Punished....

So I will keep track of the bizarre and unholy deaths that occur in the Paderborn diocese.

Official Apostasy: First German Diocese Introduces Protestant Communion 

Paderborn Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker is the first German bishop to officially introduce [heretical] intercommunion, that de facto was practiced for decades in Germany. According to the Westfalenblatt (June 30), Becker told his priests that he expects them to act according to a heretical text which recently was published by the German bishops. In “individual cases” [meaning: in all cases] the priests should [meaning: are obliged to] give Communion to Protestants, Becker told Westfalenblatt. This means that the German apostasy from the Church is now officially accomplished. Source

This is interesting: the Patron Saint of Paderborn is Saint Liborius

He is a friend of St Martin

Saint Liborius died in the arms of St Martin

Saint Liborius is the patron Saint of a GOOD and HOLY DEATH.

A Good and Holy Death is the exact opposite of what those wicked souls will experience who unworthily receive the Body of Christ in the  Paderborn diocese.

Important dates to watch:

JULY 4TH the Feast day St Martin (Major Feast Day is November 11th)

JULY 23rd the Feast Day of St. Liborius


  1. Idiot...this Bishop has the same morals as Boris Becker...


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