POPE FRANCIS DOOM NOVENA! Prays For The Victims Of Cuba's Plane Crash

I pray for the destruction of the Airline Industry during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Pope prays for the victims of plane crashes........

I guess we're a team.....me and the pope......

Pope Francis prays for the victims of Cuba's plane crash

Pope Francis prays for the eternal repose of those killed in a plane crash in Cuba in which over 100 people were killed. Pope Francis has sent a telegramme of condolences for the victims of a plane crash in Cuba in which more than 100 people were killed. In the message addressed to the Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba, Dionisio Guillermo Garcia Ibanez, the Pope said he is praying for the eternal repose of the dead. Francis also expressed his closeness to the families of the victims “in this hour of pain in which they are grieving for the unexpected separation from their loved ones”. May the Lord, the Pope said in the telegramme signed by the Vatican Secretary of State on his behalf, give the families of the victims the “spiritual serenity of Christian hope”. The Boeing 737 airliner crashed on Friday evening near Cuba’s main airport in Havana. It is the country’s worst air disaster in decades. Cuban authorities have launched an investigation, and two days of national mourning have been declared. Source

You do know what comes next.......


  1. Why doesn't one of these Churchmen remind people that the sudden deaths of others in, for instance, plane crashes or school shootings should be an incentive to go to Confession and try to stay in the state of grace, because we "know neither the day nor the hour"? I read of Bishop This or Pope That bemoaning terrible events and "expressing closeness to victims," but that's about it. Even Bill Clinton after the space shuttle Challenger exploded said that we should pray for the dead. (Why, Bill, unless there is a Purgatory?) But do Catholic leaders even say that much?

    1. Still wondering why no Catholic makes mention that flying above 29,050 ft is off limits. Divine Providence at work - God destroyed the Tower of Babel for over reaching where the waters of the Deluge settled - 15 cubits above the Mountain tops and yet modern man flies planes at 35,000 ft 24/7........When did modern man get the OK from God to do such a thing?

      Why does every Catholic ignore this set boundary?



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