Pope Francis The Destroyer: GOD Only Knows How Many Seminaries, Churches, Monasteries And Convents Will Be Closed In The Next Few Years

For in those days Our Lord Jesus Christ will send them, not a true Pastor, but a destroyer.” St Francis

“How many seminaries, churches, monasteries and convents will be closed in the next few years?” he asked. “God only knows.” Pope Francis


  1. As much as I try to avoid even the semblance of Pope-bashing, this is a rather ill-informed comment by him. The solutions are pretty obvious (hint: it's neither Rad Traddism or "dumbing down" things to conform to the Prince of this World - both of the above are from the Evil One himself) but to hear the Pope himself being this clueless really is a punch in the old kokoro, if you get what I mean. =)

    1. I get the impression that the Pope knows its completely out of his hands - if you have 34 Bishops willing to resign over some 30 year old sex scandal - can you image if Pope Francis abolished the new mass in favor of the Latin Mass? how many bishops and priests would throw a tantrum and resign if the Pope told them that they had to say only the Latin Mass? Its a circus.

    2. That is an excellent observation, dxv515. Things have reached a point where even if the next pope was the Rad Trads' dreamed-for idol, Pius XIII, who would re-introduce the Gregorian Mass, the Syllabus of Errors and the Oath against Modernism (all of which I would definitely cheer, even if I am no "Rad Trad"), he'd simply be faced with legions of bishops and priests who'd either (a) be on strike, or (b) honestly be unable to comply, due to poor training and formation. A circus, indeed, and one which looks more like the Circus Maximus than P.T. Barnum... =(


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