Pope Francis Doom Novena: Prays For Syrian Victims Of Assad's Chemical Attack.....Three Days Later 257 Die In Algeria Plane Crash.....

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Pope Francis appeals for peace in Syria

After praying the Regina Coeli with the faithful gathered in St Peter’s Square on Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope Francis made a special appeal on behalf of Syria. The Holy Father told those present that terrible news was arriving from Syria. Bombardments in Syria have claimed dozens of victims, many of them women and children, he said. In addition, there is news that the bombs contained chemical substances. “Let us pray for all the deceased, for the wounded, for the families who suffer,” Pope Francis said. And he added, “There is no good war or bad war. There is nothing, nothing, that can justify the use of such instruments of extermination against unarmed people and populations.” Source

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Four Days Latter.....

Two hundred and fifty seven dead as massive military transport plane as big as a Boeing 737 crashes in Algeria 

More than 250 people died in a plane crash near a military airbase in Algeria, officials confirmed. An Algerian civil protection agency spokesman said the 'provisional' death toll from the crash on Wednesday is 257, but some survivors were rescued. The military plane went down soon after taking off from the air base in Boufarik, some 20 miles from the capital Algiers on Wednesday morning. State media reported the Soviet-designed Ilyushin Il-76 plane was headed for Bechar in southwest Algeria, and the cause of the crash remained unclear. Source


  1. Thanks for making things clear. Pope Francis prays for dead in Syria, and a plane crashes in Algeria, a thousand miles away. So if he prayed for the dead in New York, folks in Chicago had better lie low. Now I know that there is about a 1,000 mile radius of danger after the prayers of Pope Francis.

  2. your welcome Fred...LOL!

    1,000 mile Radius?


    The Pope's DOOM Radius is the WHOLE World.......


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