Why Do Rad Trads Have The Same View As HERETIC Jan Hus On The Pope?

"If the Pope is wicked and especially if he is foreknown, then as Judas, the Apostle, he is of the devil, a thief, and a son of perdition, and he is not the head of the holy militant Church, since he is not a member of it." - CONDEMNED among the Errors of Hus by the Council of Constance (1414-1418).

Who said it?

1. Rad Trads
2. Jan Hus
3. Both

Now not all Rad Trads say the same as Jan Hus but only a few:

1. Ann Barnhardt
2. Fr. Kramer
3. Layman Louie
4. etc.....


  1. It's not just the Mad Rad Trads these days. It's also the crunch Dreherite neo-con "useful idiot" ecumenists of hate like Phil Lawler, Michael Shannen Doherty, Marianne Kreitzer and Anglican convert Dwight Longenecker. These folks are more dangerous than the Mad Rad Trads because they pretend to be friends of the Church rather than openly declaring their enmity as the Mad Rads do.


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