POPE FRANCIS DOOM NOVENA: Prays For 40 Dead Victims Of South Korea Hospital Fire & Next Day 95 Die In Kabul Blast!

Another one of Pope Francis' DOOM Novena....

At least 37 people are killed and more than 100 others hurt as a fire rips through a hospital in South Korea 

A fire in Sejong General Hospital in the South Korean city of Miryang has killed at least 37 people and injured more than 100 others.  The blaze is suspected to have started in a first floor emergency room and the cause has not yet been determined.  A fire station official claimed the situation was developing quickly and the death toll was expected to rise further.   Pictures showed a helicopter flying above the building in Miryang, engulfed by heavy grey smoke and surrounded by multiple fire trucks. Source

Pope praying for victims of fire in South Korea hospital 

Pope Francis has sent a message of closeness and prayers to those affected by a blaze in a South Korean hospital in which at least 37 patients died. Pope Francis has expressed solidarity and said he is praying for victims and all those affected by a tragic fire in a hospital in South Korea that killed at least 37 people and injured many more. In a telegramme sent by Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, on the Pope’s behalf, Francis said he is deeply saddened to learn of the loss of life and of injuries caused by the outbreak of the fire in Sejong Hospital, Miryang. He expressed heartfelt solidarity with all those affected by this tragedy and said he is praying especially for the repose of the deceased and for the healing of those injured. Pope Francis also offered encouragement to the civil authorities and emergency personnel as they assist the victims of this disaster, and upon all he invoked the divine blessings of strength and consolation. The blaze is thought to have started in the emergency room at Sejong Hospital in the south-eastern city of Miryang. Nearly 200 mostly elderly patients were inside the building and an adjoining nursing home when the fire broke out in the morning. Source

You know what happens next.....

At least 95 people killed and 158 wounded after a Taliban suicide attacker drives ambulance through checkpoint and sets off bomb near embassies in the Afghan capital. 

A suicide bomber using an ambulance has killed 95 people and wounded at least 158 more in the Afghan capital Kabul. The attack has been claimed by the Taliban and occurred near foreign embassies and government buildings, a week after a deadly assault on the Intercontinental Hotel. 'The suicide bomber used an ambulance to pass through the checkpoint,' said interior ministry deputy spokesman Nasrat Rahimi. 'He passed through the first checkpoint saying he was taking a patient to Jamuriate hospital and at the second checkpoint he was recognised and blew his explosive-laden car. Source