Folly Of 43 Little Lay Emperors Compare Pope Francis To John XXII? Where's The Holy Roman Emperor In All This?

Ludwig IV the Bavarian 
Holy Roman Emperor

43 lay scholars accuse Pope Francis of Heresy.

70% of the signatories are lay folk (even a couple of women!). All of the laity never took vows except for marriage (and that can be undone for $700). These laymen have gone out on their own - not called by a higher authority other than themselves.

These lay scholars claim that their filial correction is something extraordinary! Never such a thing has ever been seen since the middle ages:

No similar action has been taken since the Middle Ages. Then, Pope John XXII was admonished in 1333 for errors which he later recanted on his deathbed. In the present case, the spiritual sons and daughters of Pope Francis accuse him of propagating heresies contrary to the Catholic faith. Source

The modern laity are nuts.

They have no voice in the Church - because they are lay folk.

The Correctio Filialis De Haeresibus Propagatis carries no authority.

This is filial correction is the fruit of modern democracy where every layman claims to be his own little emperor.

All of the lay signatories are ballot casting lovers of modern democracy.

This filial correction will fail because it carries no legitimate authority.

Their reference of what took place against Pope XXII in 1333 was lead by a legitimate authority - the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor - Ludwig IV.

These lay nationalists don't care if there is no Roman Emperor.

These lay nationalists despise the memory of the Roman Emperor.

These lay nationalists are convinced that they can go out on their own to defeat Pope Francis.

These lay nationalists will fail.


  1. But according to Vatican 2 , the laity have a huge say in the Church ,so much so, that they have completely overrun the Sanctuary.Lay people dancing around the Altar ,Eucharist ministers,pretty soon,it will be hard to actually find the Priest on the Altar.

  2. Do the lay nationalist scholars accept Vatican II? LOL!

    No. All lay scholars are Nationalists at heart and have declared themselves little emperors!

    Fun Fact: Back in the day the Laity had to be invited to a Church Council by the Holy Roman Emperor. When in attendance at the Church Council the Laity had to keep silent and shut their mouths! Again LOL!

    Looks like the 43 lay nationalist scholars & the rest of the Rad Trad nationalist laity are getting frustrated with the Pope and are getting frustrated with having no voice or part to play in the Church- and that explains why a group of Rad Trad nationalist soldiers shoot arrows and bullets at the Fatima Pope & Faithful killing them all!

    Funny how events will turn out - the Rad Trad Fatimaists are the very ones who murder the Fatima Pope! again LOL!

  3. You're leaving out Bishop Fellay. This isn't a matter of being a nationalist, it's just another attempt to throw a speedbump out in front of the runaway steamroller that is Pope Francis. Only a good Pope can truly repair the damage done by a bad one. Whether or not Francis feels like coming around and doing his sacred duty at some point remains to be seen.

    It's obvious to me that this is not a move to "defeat" him as it is easily sidestepped. On the contrary, they are exposing themselves to the kind of public Papal retributions we are accustomed to having seen with Francis. They are lining themselves up like bowling pins. It's a brave move, especially considering how close the SSPX came to receiving a special prelature this year.

    We're all frustrated here. I just don't see why you think nearly every move Catholics (trad or otherwise) make to stand up to the VII abuse is in direct competition to a future Roman Emperor. If you were really honest about the situation and realized that the Pope and only the Pope has the power to CROWN said King of the Romans as Emperor, you would join in and ask for a miracle from the top down just like the rest of us. The remaining derelict-electors would rather house Muslims than elect a King for the Romans! One set of miracles doesn't necessarily exclude another set of miracles. We need them all just the same...

    1. Again the Seven Imperial electors - 3 Bishops 4 - Lay are the Pro-claimers of Divine Providence (Dante's Term). The Seven Electors elect the man to be the Next Divinely Ordained Holy Roman Emperor. All Electors are locked up for nine days to take a vote - all electors have to be in a state of grace (unlike the majority of voters who elected Trump Merkel etc...).

      I suppose the Pope could put the Crown on the Holy Roman Emperor - but that does not mean that the Authority of the Roman Emperor comes from the Pope.

      The Pope does not have the power to make or break a Roman Emperor.....for if you believe that he does have this power - then please tell me why the Pope can't depose Merkel or Putin or Obama or Stalin or Hitler or Trump? The Pope can not deposed any democratically elected Politician nor can he do the same to a Roman Emperor. The Pope simply does not have this power and never will.

      But because we have no Roman Emperor to rule the whole world suffers: and the yet is it no small confirmation of the truth, that when the throne of Augustus is vacant, the whole world goes out of course, the helmsman and rowers slumber in the ship of Peter, and unhappy Italy, forsaken and abandoned to private control, and bereft of all public guidance, is tossed with such buffeting of winds and waves as no words can describe, nay as even the Italians in their woe can scarce measure with their tears.......

      I leave out Bishop Fellay because its not my place.

    2. Name one true Holy Roman Emperor not crowned by the Pope! By their own rules, the Kings of the Romans were not granted the title of Emperor nor were they permitted to use it until they were crowned by the Pope. Let's consider for a moment that the last Emperor so crowned was Charles V in 1530 and that his father, Maxillian I, was the first uncrowned Emperor (which helped set the precedent) who also saw the beginning of the Protestant revolt. None of the many vaunted Emperor-elects who succeeded them bothered submitting themselves to this vital tradition.

      You talk about the world suffering when there is no Emperor and I agree with you, but it began in haste when these men decided that it just wasn't important enough. Was it out of laziness or a desire not to disturb the false "Peace" of Augsburg? We may never know, but the results speak for themselves. If you want a Roman Emperor, that's easy enough for pagans to do, but if you want a truly Holy Roman Emperor, you absolutely do need the Pope. There's no way around it.

    3. Please answer: Is the Authority of the Roman Emperor directly from God?




    4. Absolutely, it is once he has been properly installed. But my point is precisely that there simply is no Emperor without a coronation. As far as the Holy Roman Empire is concerned, that's a historical fact. You want to go back to the prince-electors, okay that's fine, but you still need the Pope to seal the deal. If you stop with King of the Romans, you have a rightful king, but he's not the HRE. I didn't make up the rules, I'm just reminding you that we need the Pope on board with this sooner or later...

    5. Again. The man has to be elected by the Seven Imperial Electors. That's a fact.

      Read The Golden Bull of the Emperor Charles IV 1356 AD - Avalon Project

      The Pope does not confer any power to the man elected Roman Emperor during the coronation, simply because the pope does not have any power to bestow on the man elected Roman Emperor.

      Can a man be Roman Emperor without the coronation? Yes. Just like a man can be president of the United States without being crowned by the Pope.

      Again - you punish Catholic Rulers because they are Catholic whereas godless protestant scum can rule without any interference from the Pope.

      You say a Catholic Emperor has to be crowned by a Pope

      Whereas President Trump does not need to be crowned by the Pope

      That's just wrong.....

    6. An Emperor must be made King first, so that rules out every single elected politician out there. Charlemagne was King of the Franks, but was not considered Emperor until crowned by the Pope. This is in direct contrast to the Eastern Emperors of the time who had inherited the ancient Roman tradition and the Pope had no hand in their coronations.

      It must be noted that it was Charlemagne who relieved Rome of the hostile Lombards, and who continued the maintain and strengthen the West against the Muslim invaders. The Byzantine Romans would later collapse in on their own pride with increasing false mysticism and their Schism was crowned by the victory of the Palamite Hesychasts in 1351, almost 300 years after their formal break with Rome and 102 years before the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The "Orthodox" were plagued by Islamic occupation while the Catholics slowly but steadily pushed back the menace. If it hadn't been for a less than courageous King of the Romans, we might have avoided the Protestant revolt from taking hold in Germany. And you call yourself a student of Doom!

      A man can occupy and function in the office of the Holy Roman Emperor but without the Pope, he is without the title, which to me is a reflection of the lack of graces sufficient to carry out his duties and effect a true restoration. Remember the rhyme of history!

    7. "An Emperor must be made King first"

      Says who?

      Made a King by whom?

      Who makes Kings?

      The Pope?

      The Pope does not have the ability or authority to make a King.

      The Pope can not confer a kingdom on anyone.

      There is nothing in the Golden Bull that says only a Monarch is eligible to be elected for the Office of Holy Roman Emperor.

      Nothing in Divine Scripture, either.

      Augustus was not a king first before he was Roman Emperor and so on down the line of Pagan Roman Emperors etc.....

      Anyway - what does it matter - the majority of Trads are so fixated on casting a ballot for protestant politicians that I doubt very much anyone in the Trad movement will petition the Elector of Mainz to call for a Imperial Election.

      Again, only the Bishop of Mainz can call for an Imperial Election - not the Pope.

      Once the Imperial Election takes place and a man is elected as Roman Emperor then the restoration of all things in Christ can begin.

      Catholics need a lay ruler to lead us.

      No Imperial Election = No Roman Emperor = No Restoration of all things in Christ = no Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

      No way of getting around that.

  4. Says who? Says the Holy Roman Empire. The Emperor is elected King of the Romans first. You keep dismissing the Papal role in crowning the Holy Roman Emperor, but there's no basis for it. I repeat: it is a historical fact. You seem to want to put all of this on the electors, especially the Bishop of Mainz. Alright, how likely is it for Peter "Homosexuality Is Not A Sin" Kohlgraf to make that move? It isn't. Who appointed him? The Pope. Who is the only one who can replace him with someone who will? Three guesses!

    This is why we must pray for a conversion of this Pope or for another Pope truly willing to turn back the tide. With a Holy Pope everybody wins.

    The Holy Roman Empire ceased to exist in 1806. There had been 2 other breaks: one from 924-962 and one from 476-800. Each time there was a revival, there was a Pope to crown the Emperor. Each time, the monarch to be crowned had cleared the field of the enemies of the Church prior to receiving his Imperial crown. I believe in the rhyme of history. The constants here were not Electors but the monarch's willingness to defeat the Church's enemies and the Pope's explicit coronation. Having Electors present would be nice, but it's not strictly necessary in my view.

    Anyway, you are right, most trads don't think about the Holy Roman Emperor and there will be no proper restoration without him. We still need a Holy Pope. Just don't go so far afield that you think every trad who believes the promise of Fatima has not yet been realized is out to assassinate Pope Francis. Let's dial it back a bit before you become the Catholic version of Weekly World News with Pope Bat Boy!


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