Duterte’s Son Accused in $125-Million Drug Shipment.....ISIS GUNS?

Drugs.....What about the GUNS to ISIS....

Controversial Philippine President Rodgrigo Duterte’s ramped-up war on drugs is beginning to hit close to home. Paolo Duterte, the son of the anti-drug Philippine strongman, responded to a Senate inquiry on Thursday into his ties to a $125 million shipment of narcotics. Paolo, who is the vice mayor of Davao, the country's second biggest city, called the allegations “baseless,” according to Reuters. “I cannot answer allegations based on hearsay,” Paolo Duterte told the Senate. “My presence here is for the Filipino people and for my fellow Davaoeños whom I serve,” he added. Critics of President Duterte claim that his son lowered the barrier for entry of the drugs into the port of Manila, the country’s capital, Reuters reported. The elder Duterte, who cut his political teeth as mayor of Davao, reportedly encouraged his son to speak to the Philippines’ Senate investigators if he had nothing to hide — but to remember his right to remain silent.Source