HAJJ DOOM! Saudi Actress Reem Abdullah Give Free Plane Ride To Hajj For 1600 Of Saudis Enemies!

A Saudi actress has offered to rent four Boeing 777s to carry Qatari pilgrims to the Muslim holy lands amid accusations against Doha from Riyadh of a “declaration of war” over Islam’s revered sites. Doha accused Saudi Arabia of politicizing the Hajj by stopping or hindering pilgrims from setting off from the tiny, gas-rich nation. Reem Abdullah, who is a television and film celebrity in Saudi Arabia and across the Gulf nations posted on Twitter to her 1.51 million followers that she was willing to pay for the rental of the four Boeing 777s, the world’s largest twinjet aircraft, and prove that Saudis will not stand in the way of Qatari worshippers. Source

What better way to get rid of 1600 of your enemies than with free plane ride.....