St Francis of Paola Prophecy: “God Almighty Shall Exalt A Very Poor Man Of The Blood of Emperor Constantine Who Shall On His Breast Wear A Red Cross

“God almighty shall exalt a very poor man of the blood of Emperor Constantine, son of St. Helena, and of the seed of Pepin, who shall on his breast wear a red Cross. Through the power of the Most High he shall confound the tyrants, the heretics, and infidels. He will gather a grand army, and the angels shall fight for them; they shall kill all God's enemies…”


  1. TradCatKnight: Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail

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    The Christian political movement founded on Dec. 10, 1860 in Pickens District, SC merged with the Society of the Holy Cross-bearers of Jesus Christ founded Dec. 14, 1960 in land territory originally belonging to Virginia as indicated by St. Padre Pio who sent a letter to M.H. to set up the Holy Cross-bearers of Jesus Christ movement. This letter was sent to the military academy where M.H. was attending at that time. St. Padre Pio sent to M.H. a detailed revelation and secret of M.H. as a sign that M.H. was to found shortly the Cross-bearer movement prophesied by St. Francis of Paola. M.H. is listed as a descendant of the Lords of Montalto, Italy and listed in the French royal line that M.H. descends from. This is the French line the Rothschilds tried to murder but survived their assassination attempt long ago in Europe but the Rothschilds did not know that they failed to destroy this French royal line which bore the birthmark of the Black spot on their hip which came from the Hapsburgs. A Catholic priest helped save the line but Rothschilds did not know that. With secret money line moved to America and multiplied here. In America lined also married into the descendant heir line of Constantine the Great and one of the descendant lines of King David of Israel. Large land claims came with the merger of the dec.10,1860 SC movement with this later line from France. America was given one time to join with Holy Cross-bearers but nation was not interested then. Second time America will be won this time. M.H. was raised in military academies and heavy background in military intelligence. This time the Cross-bearers will have the hand to win America. Founder was once offered rank of Colonel with Israeli Army but did not accept as he is to lead America to its God-given destiny and not Israel. Heavy background in military academies and heavy background in military intelligence. Another prophet came to him and outlined how this would all work out if America rejected the Holy Cross-bearers the first time which America did. This time America will have change of heart and America will soar as a Christian nation. Cross-bearers will soon go public. Brilliant talent already with us. And money will come soon. The readers were thrown off by the 400 year reference. That side of the Cross-bearers will give Christianity a large land empire to work with. St. Francis of Paola knew what he was talking about but hid it from the enemies of Christianity. June 6, 2018


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