QATAR DOOM! Saudi Arabia Deports 15,000 Qatari Camels.....WTF?

Camels caught up in Qatar feud reunited with their owners

Thousands of camels crossed Saudi Arabia's desert border into Qatar on Tuesday and were reunited with their owners after being stranded for days at a frontier shut because of a feud among Arab powers. Qatari men in traditional white robes waited in SUVs at the border to identify their camels as the beasts trotted across the remote frontier, braying and kicking up dust, under what the owners said was an informal deal with Saudi border guards. "Thank God I have my camels back!" said Ali Magareh, 40, waiting with his seven-year-old son at the crossing point. "For one week they kept them waiting there. The camels were starving. Some of the males were fighting and in very bad condition. My brother still has 10 or 11 camels in Saudi Arabia," he said. A June 5 decision by Saudi Arabia and other Arab states to cut diplomatic ties and all transport links with Qatar over its alleged support for terrorism has disrupted trade, split families and raised fears of military confrontation in the Gulf region. Qatar has denied accusations of links to terrorism Reuters Read More>>>>>>>>