The Vatican Has Sources Of Information That The CIA Would Kill To Get.........But The CIA Has A Face off Machine...Do You Have Quarters?

The significance of a global network of priests sank in for Thomas Reese on the day the president of Rwanda’s plane was shot down. The Catholic analyst and author had been interviewing a church leader at the Vatican when his source’s phone rang. The call about the plane crash had been made to notify the headquarters of the Catholic Church that trouble was brewing. “That was the beginning of an absolute disaster,” Reese said, referring to the 1994 Rwandan genocide that led to around 800,000 deaths. By sitting in a Vatican office building, Reese learned of the assassination before millions of others. The call helped him understand why the Vatican is widely regarded as one of the best listening posts in the world. “The Vatican has sources of information that the CIA would kill to get,” said the Jesuit priest, who is also chairman of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. Source