Pope Francis WILD BOAR DOOM! Rome Overrun By Wild Boars!

Trash-Strewn Rome Besieged by Wild Boars; Man Dies in Tragedy

Wild boar are taking over Rome, attracted to the Italian capital by mounds of rotting rubbish. That’s the claim of increasingly angry residents frustrated by mayor Virginia Raggi’s apparent inability to organize efficient refuse collections. In March, a 49-year-old man was killed when his scooter crashed into a hungry boar prowling the city’s streets. Last month a family of boar invaded an elementary school’s garden hunting for food. And a massive boar was recently caught on video running in traffic near the Vatican. Italy’s boar population has rocketed to an estimated 1 million after a bigger, fast-breeding type was imported from Eastern Europe in recent years for hunting. A boar can now fetch 500 euros (about $550) on the open market. But the downside of the population explosion of these omnivores is becoming obvious, as they spend more time in the metropolis in search of ways to sate their rapacious appetite. Source


Source of Rome Boar Pics


  1. Time to open a special boar season! This is nothing that a few boxes of shotgun slugs can't easily fix. And those pictures make me hungry for sausage.


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