POPE DOOM: Pope Prays For 35 Guatemala Fire Victims And The Next Day 50 Ethiopians Buried By Mountain Of Garbage

Pope prays for Guatemala fire victims, calls for action
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Sunday called for prayerful solidarity with the victims of a deadly fire at a shelter for troubled youth in Guatemala. The blaze the Refugio Virgen home on the outskirts of Guatemala City claimed at least 35 lives. Authorities say the fire began in the girls’ dormitory, where reports say someone ignited the mattresses in protest after a foiled mass breakout attempt the day before.The shelter has long been the subject of complaints about abuse, as well as criticism for inadequate food and overcrowded, unsanitary conditions. Built to house 500 people, there were reportedly at least 800 guests registered at the time of the fire. “I express my closeness to the people of Guatemala, who are living in mourning over the grave and sad fire that broke out inside the Casa Refugio Virgen de la Asunción [this past week], causing deaths and injuries among the girls who lived there,” said Pope Francis. “May the Lord receive their souls, heal the wounded, console their grieving families and the whole nation,” he prayed, following the Angelus prayer on Sunday. “I also pray and ask you to pray with me for all the girls and boys who are victims of violence, abuse, exploitation and war,” he continued. “This is a plague,” he said, “this hidden scream that should be heard by all of us and that we cannot continue to pretend not to hear and to see.”
Then this the next day:
Ethiopia rubbish dump landslide: Search for survivors
Rescue workers are searching for survivors of a landslide that has killed 62 people at a vast dump in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa. Officials say the death toll for the Saturday night landslide at the Koshe landfill is likely to rise. A resident said 150 people were there at the time. A number of makeshift houses are now buried under tonnes of waste. The area has been a dumping ground for Addis Ababa's rubbish for more than five decades. Rescuers are using bulldozers and even bare hands to move tonnes of debris as the search for survivors and dead bodies continues. At least 10 more bodies have been recovered on Monday.City authorities say dozens of people are still unaccounted for and could be buried under the rubble. Dozens of others have been treated and discharged from a local hospital. Communications Minister Negeri Lencho told the BBC that the government had appealed to the residents to leave the dump: "We had plans to resettle the people. Unfortunately this landslide occurred in the meantime. "But now more than 290 people living in the area have been relocated. We plan to support them so that they can live in a safe zone." BBC>>>>>>>>