BACK IN TIME: Eye Wash For CIA Employees.....LOL!! Posted 1st February 2016

In response to a muse: 
Anonymous March 17, 2017 at 10:26 PM Oh, and maybe you could warn us before putting up pictures like the one at the top of this post? After watching it I had to run desperately to my lab's emergency eyewash station to wash that man's toxic and corrosive image out of my retinas. Here is me:
Please be more cautious next time.
No problem - plenty of eye wash to go around for everyone...

Here is the re-post for the new Director and crew:
How the CIA deliberately misleads its own employees by spreading false information in internal memos  
The CIA misleads its own staff by sending its employees false memos known as 'eyewash' that deliberately mask details about killings, drone strikes and other clandestine activities, it is claimed. The practice begins when a regular internal memo is distributed to wider groups of staff containing false advice about operations or agency sources. A second memo is then sent to a much smaller, select group, explicitly telling them to disregard the previous instructions and passing on the real information. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

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