Ann Barnhardt Admits That She Will Be A Sedevacantist When Benedict DIES!

Apparently I've made Ann answer:

“But, but, but if Pope Benedict XVI dies, won’t you be a sedevacantist?!!!???!?!?!?!?!” Of course I would be. The See would be vacant. Why is that even regarded as a “gotcha!” question? Pope Benedict XVI is the one and only living pope. If he were to die, since he is the one and only living pope, there would no longer be a living pope. The See would be vacant. That would be the OBJECTIVE REALITY. Why in the world would that change my politics? Would I then be aligned politically with the nutballs who deny the World War II holocaust and 9/11? Of course not. Those people have hijacked a term that is a descriptor of an objective state, the interstitial period wherein the Pope has died (or validly resigned), and the next pope has not yet been elected, and transformed it into the name of an entire warped worldview. Well, you all may choose to go along with this ploy of the devil, but I will not. Words have meaning, folks, and “sedevacante” does NOT mean “nutball detached from reality”. It means the See of Peter is vacant. Period. Yes or no. Black or white. Up or down. When the See is occupied, as it is now, it is occupied. When it is empty, it is empty, whenever that may happen in the future, and for however long that may last. Source>>>>>>>>

What will Ann be if Pope Francis dies first!