SAINT LOUIS CATHOLIC BLOG Calling For The Assassination Of Non-Pope Francis?

He who strikes the pope DIES! unless of course the pope isn't really the Pope!

Another Rad Trad calling for action because he's had enough!
But dear faithful Cardinals and Bishops, all hundreds scores-- well, even if there are ten, or five, or four, or one-- ANYBODY: This reign of terror against the faithful must end. Do something. Please. What can the faithful do if the pope isn't Catholic? If the pope hates Catholics? And what if the pope isn't a pope? What if the previous pope is still alive, wearing papal attire and insisting to be called "pope"? Surely you have something reassuring to say about that situation? Don't you see the need to do SOMETHING? For the sake of Our Lord and His Holy Church, for His Honor and Glory-- DO SOMETHING! Source
I thought the action of the Rad Trad was:

1. Prayer
2. Penance

What happened?

 Isn't prayer & penance enough?

Now they want more?

What more is left?

1. Declare Pope Francis not the Pope
2. Kill the non-pope

Yeah....this is the road these Rad Trads are headed down......


  1. I feel sorry for this poor man. He seems to be having some kind of meltdown. He doesn't seem to realize that if Francis isn't the Pope, then what he says or does matters as little as if he were a Protestant minister down the street having a revival meeting.

    1. he and his "Francis is not the pope" ilk is growing in numbers....

    2. To answer his question "What do we do if Francis isn't the Pope?" Just keep believing the Catholic Faith, saying our prayers, receiving the Sacraments in the traditional rite, and keep ourselves in sanctifying grace until we die. People really make this whole thing more difficult than it really is.


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