WOW! That Was Quick! DOOM Hits Hours After Pope Decries Prophets Of DOOM: FIVE Killed Nine Shot At Florida Airport:

Following up the post from earlier today:
Pope Decries ‘Prophets Of Doom’...DOOM In....8....7....6....5....4....3....2.....1.....
Then this.....

One dead and nine shot at Florida airport: Panic in Ft Lauderdale as gunman opens fire in baggage claim and passengers run for their lives

A gunman is in custody after a deadly shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport. Sources tell NBC Miami that nine people have been shot and three people have died. Video from the airport Friday afternoon showed hundreds of passengers corralled together on the tarmac with emergency vehicles parked outside the terminal with lights flashing. An airport spokesman said that the center of the incident was in the baggage claim area of Terminal 2. Former White House press secretary to President George W. Bush, Ari Fleischer, was at the airport at the time and tweeted about the chaos Friday afternoon. Just after 1pm, he wrote that 'shots have been fired. Everyone is running'. Daily Mail

Doom at an Airport none the less...(for those who are paying attention...)