Neo-Catholics or Traditionalists? Which Camp Will Make An Attempt On The Life Of Pope Francis?

"Pastors must have the odour of the sheep, all over them!" Pope Francis 
“He wants shepherds who are with their sheep, who - as he said very memorably - have the smell of their sheep on them.” Papal Nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Charles Brown

The sheep are a little pissed - the traditionalist kind.

Pissed about the DUBIA.

So who will be the first to make an attempt on the life of Pope Francis?

The Neo-Cats Or Trads?

Here is Hilary posting on the difference between the two camps:
The Catholic Civil War is a 300 year-old war of philosophy
And here:
What is “papal positivism”?
Instead of studying history to figure out the difference between the  two camps lets just ask who has more guns?

And ask who is more pissed?

And therein you will find the answer in which camp will attack Pope Francis.

Now to be fair - many traditionalists today are yesterdays neo-cats.

This invasion of the neo-cats in the Latin Mass pews has caused considerable confusion.

Who are these neo-cat invaders?

  • One Peter Five
  • FSSP
  • Fr. Z
  • Michael Voris
  • etc....

Just to name a few.

So what will happen?

Since the FSSP allows their priests to stockpile weapons - I'd say that the first to make an attempt on the life of Pope Francis attends mass at the FSSP mass sites.

Look if DUBIA and 100 year Fatima Anniversary doesn't depose Pope Francis by the end of May-Oct of this year, then some demented Trad with lots of guns will....just look at the video of that pissed sheep.


  1. What do you mean the FSSP allows their priests to stockpile weapons? It sounds like there's a fascinating story behind that statement....

    1. Fr Z took pic of said FSSP weapons....I make a post just for you!


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