Churchmen Can Mess With Faith & Morals Of The Church & Mess With Canon Law & Liturgy BUT You Are NOT ALLOWED To Comment On The Secret Of La Salette! WHAT?

Anonymous January 7, 2017 at 2:59 PM The supposed prophecy of La Salette was condemned by the Holy Office in 1915, and in 1923 ordered its removal from all Catholic book stores. I submit this link only for the texts it reproduces: The 1915 decree forbade anyone from discussing the secret of La Salette under pain of suspension, if they were a priest, or of complete deprivation of the Sacraments, if they were laypeople. When the Church condemns something, we must condemn it too. It is not up to us to pretend to know more than the Church. When the Church condemns a revelation, that is proof that it is not from God and must be rejected. By your violation of this decree you become unable worthily to receive the Sacraments. Please take this seriously. Source


  1. Churchmen cannot mess with Faith and morals. Those who attempt to do so automatically cease being churchmen.

    I'm curious if you have any sort of response to the post you quoted?

  2. are you saying the Churchmen NEVER messed with the faith & morals of the Church? Where have you been these last 50 years?

    As for your They "automatically cease being churchmen" please provide SCRIPTURAL proof for your claim.

    If I remember Old Testament Priest Aaron forged a GOLDEN CALF and worshiped it & made the laity worship it too. And yet Aaron was still a priest after the fact....

    So please provide an example from the new or old testament that a priest lost his priesthood for messing things up...

    Oh and one last Question - All twelve apostles were made BISHOPS at the last Supper - Did Judas die as a BISHOP or laymen?


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