Anonymous Chick Writes: "I Confess That I Don't Quite Understand This Blog...."

A Chick posted a comment today on the post TRUMP DOOMSDAY CLOCK & FATIMA'S ANNIHILATION OF NATIONS 
Anonymous January 28, 2017 at 8:38 AM I confess that I don't quite understand this blog. You always talk about driving to the Latin Mass, but you hate traditionalists. So you advocate the Novus Ordo? You love Francis? You hate Trump and wish Clinton had gotten in? I don't get it, honestly.

This is one reason I don't let women drive one hour with me to Latin Mass....


  1. Sorry, not a 'chick'.

    Another delusion of yours - among many!

    You are truly deranged.

    1. deranged? you're the chick who not only visits my blog but you take the time to post!

  2. This is a stupid blog, but the gifs are just great!

    1. Agree Fred, I don't know where he gets them. I LOVE the gifs!

      And 'dxv': because I came here, I discovered several great and true Catholic sites and bloggers (all people and places you criticize).

      I posted here out of charity. You got a couple rebukes and maybe more. Read some of the free books at and learn some things and Godspeed, I hope you see the truth and act appropriately.

    2. What? So Pope Francis isn't a POPE? and We don't Have TWO POPES? LOL!

      I like your movies Mel

      and please stop the reverse stalking....its creepy! lol!

    3. Where to begin? Let's start by quoting what was written above:
      "This is a stupid blog, but the gifs are just great!"
      BLOG AUTHOR: "Yes, I agree"

      I wonder which part of the original he agrees with ...

      Personally, I strongly agree with both parts of that statement. The pics absolutely rock. This is true without any shadow of a doubt.

      But man, the guy writing this blog is definitely a few peas short of a casserole. He believes there are two popes, thinks Trump is some sort of nightmare for America, has a weird obsession and paranoia about the leader of the Philippines, and thinks people can't fly over 37,000 feet without getting possessed by demons, and claims St. Thomas Aquinas as his authority for this bizarre statement.

      Let's continue ... He blames G.K. Chesterton for many of the evils of today, believes in the condemned "secret" of La Salette (which he quotes obsessively, thus incurring the censure of the Holy Office), thinks women shouldn't ride in his car (and has made a hysterically funny and brilliant series of posts to that effect), believes Mel Gibson is writing in his comments, had a weekly special every Friday called the "F**k you Francis Friday" (I miss that one BTW), and believes in some sort of "doom novena" by which if Bergoglio prays for some country they will suffer some terrible tribulation within nine days.

      All that being said, I love this blog and its author very much. I have been a fan for about two years now, ever since I did a search for "Bergoglio heresies" and his website came to the top of the list. I check it first thing when I get up in the morning, and several times throughout the day. It's funny, it's entertaining. It reminds me of some crazy crotchety old man you might pass on a street corner on your way to work every day, begging and holding a sign with some bizarre message on it that is different every day, who has several unique and interesting ideas to share every day. You rarely agree with what he says, but just the sheer strangeness of it grabs your attention, and it means a lot that there is someone out there interested enough in these issues to write this much about them, that you just can't leave it alone. And you certainly look forward every morning to passing by him to see what strange commentary he has to make about the events in the world that day, because you just know it will be interesting and unique, and even weirder than the one he had yesterday.

      It's nice that there's someone who is willing to speak his mind about these things, and even though I disagree often with what is said, I feel a great kinship with the person saying them, and wish we could share a nice brew and just compare notes on our survival of the modern apostasy.

      Oh, and dxv, I will forever be grateful to you for introducing me to the quote from Aristotle that "in a democracy, the only ones who thrive are slaves and women."

  3. Just want to say, ditto everything the last Anon said!

    So, yes, we have some differences. I can't see how brand new man-made rites could possibly be valid. The new Holy Orders? Crazy. So I see Jorge as a layman and Ratzinger as an apostate priest. I'm so hopeful and happy about Trump, we should pray for his conversion (could he be the Great Catholic Monarch?), I read this blog for more than the GIFs, there aren't enough of us who are fighting the apostasy but I believe our numbers are growing ... I will be thinking about what you've said on St. Thomas.

    But dxv, please stop calling me (us) "chicks"! The word is "dudes"!


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