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Pope Francis horrified by ‘barbarous’ attack on French Church 
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis is horrified and shocked by an attack in a church in Rouen, in northern France, where a priest was slain and another hostage was seriously wounded. 
A statement released by Fr Federico Lombardi, Director of the Holy See Press Office said: “we are particularly shocked because this horrible violence took place in a Church, in which God’s love is announced, with the barbarous killing of a priest and the involvement of the faithful”. 
Fr Lombardi also said the Pope shares the pain and the horror caused by this absurd violence and expresses firm condemnation of every form of hatred and prays for the victims.

Two attackers entered the church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray during Mass on Tuesday morning, taking the elderly priest and four other people hostage before being shot dead by French police. 
The investigation was handed to the anti-terrorist unit of the Paris prosecutor's office.
In his statement Fr Lombardi commented on the fact that the terrible news is unfortunately the latest in a series of violent attacks in the past days which have created immense pain and preoccupation.  
Father Lombardi said the Pope is close to the Church in France, to the Archdiocese of Rouen, to the local community and to the French people.

Bar inferno is sparked by birthday candles when a woman tripped and dropped the cake: Thirteen dead and at least six hurt in northern France

A deadly fire which killed 13 people at a bar in France is believed to have started after a woman dropped a birthday cake lit with candles after she tripped downstairs. The fire - France's deadliest in a decade - ripped through the Au Cuba Libre bar in Rouen, in the Normandy region, shortly before 1am local time. It took hold of the basement which had been hired out for the private party and was packed with revellers aged 18-25. One party member is said to have tripped and dropped the cake on the floor - sparking an inferno which took hold of foam cladding acting as soundproofing around the walls and ceiling of the room. Some of the victims were poisoned by a toxic mix of gases released by the burning polystyrene and one of six people seriously injured remains in a critical condition. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

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