Naked Times Square Guy Stole My Idea For New Blog Post Pope Francis Where Are You! “Donald Trump Where Are You, Donald Trump Where The Fuck Are You?!”

I have retired the weekly Fuck You Francis Friday.

I made it known that the replacement for Fuck You Francis Friday would be Where's Francis?

Apparently a naked guy stole my idea and ran with it to Times Square:
“Donald Trump Where Are You, Donald Trump Where The Fuck Are You?!”
I guess Pope Francis The Destroyer blog is popular with naked guys.....
Naked man takes over Times Square, screams about Donald Trump
A man screaming “Donald Trump where are you!” turned Times Square into an open air peep show Thursday morning — ambling to the top of the red staircase in Duffy Square completely naked–putting on a bizarre one-hour show, and then jumping off. Witnesses first spotted the man on 47th Street near Rockefeller Center before he took off west toward Times Square and climbed to the top of the TKTS booth at Seventh Avenue at about 8 a.m., shouting obscenities. The man demanded a meeting with GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, who has a scheduled appearance in New Hampshire later today. “Donald Trump where are you, Donald Trump where the f– are you?!” he shouted from a ledge on top of the stairs, 16 feet above the Times Square pavement. NY Post Read More>>>>>