Democracy Lovin' Psychopaths At Call Me Jorge Blog & Maurice Pinay Blog Claim That Pope Francis ISN'T THE POPE! And Claim They Know The Mind Of The Non-Pope Better Than Anyone Else!

Democracy Lovin' Psychopaths Will Vote For Evangelical Protestant Heretics For US President But Refuse To Believe A Pope Can Be A HERETIC!!
Call Me Jorge Blog & Maurice Pinay Blog are psychopaths, the blogs are run by Jew hatin' modern democracy lovin' Pope denying morons and these pope deniers claim to know the mind of the non-pope Francis better than anyone else:
To our knowledge, at Call Me Jorge..., the Maurice Pinay blog is the only place to offer any sort of explanation to as to what tradition Francis and Benedict XVI follow in their teachings Call Me Jorge
One noticeable trait of the Sedevacantists is flattery.

If any one is familiar with the blog posts of the Sedevacantists one will notice that they are always flattering others with like minded views - but if you cross one of the thin skinned Sedevacantist they will turn on you. This is a truth that anyone can observe.

Another irritating trait of these demented morons is their obsessive love for modern democracy.

I guess most of the Sedevacantists get their bizarre political views from the Omni Christian Book Club which has been influencing conspiracy nuts since 1958.
Omni/CBC was created in 1958 as an outlet for rare and thought provoking books on Economics, History, Religion and Sociology, and the effect on the common man.
Remember - the Jewish conspiracy against Jesus Christ lasted only 3 1/2 years - then the players changed and the target changed. Conspiracies do not last forever like the demented folk at  Omni Christian Book Club wish you to believe.

These conspiracy nuts forget man's uncontrolled passions play a bigger part in their refusal to cooperate with God's grace. The folks at Omni/CBC will have you believe that the JEWS & FREEMASONS are unconquerable because they allied themselves in some secret cabal.

Passions remain, conspiracies and conspirators have a limited run.

But hey it makes for an excitable read on a cold rainy day.

Because these Jew hatin' cretins believe in unstoppable Jew conspiracies they then take that to the Papacy and claim that there is some unstoppable Freemasonic/Jew conspiracy hindering the Church from electing a true pope.

These twits believe that a Pope can break all the commandments except the first three and still remain a pope. They forget the story of the Priest Aaron who was a priest before, during and after the forging and worshiping of the Golden Calf. The best refutation of Sedevacantism is the example of the priest Aaron - but the silly Pope deniers refuse to be corrected by the example of the Priest Aaron - and this is why the Pope deniers are evil - very evil. One day these pope deniers will kill the Fatima Pope.

One last observation - why do pope deniers vote in democratically held elections?

Why do pope deniers vote for heretics to rule over them in temporal matters?

If the pope deniers refuse to allow a heretic to rule over them in spiritual matters then why oh why not be somewhat consistent and refuse to allow heretics to rule over them in temporal matters?

Doesn't make any sense does it?

According to Sedevacantists Pope Francis is a Heretic and therefore he is not Pope and Obama is a Heretic but he is the President of the United States?

Stupid logic coming from very dangerous morons who will one day lie in wait, waiting to kill the Fatima Pope and faithful - just like Our Lady at Fatima said.